Solar Panels

Cheapest Solar Panels in the World

Australia is home to the World’s cheapest Solar Panels

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Solar Panels

A recent report published by Deloitte titled ‘Deloitte’s Global Renewable Energy Trends,’ has identified Australia has having the most affordable pricing for Solar Panels. Due to both the declining costs and advances in ‘technology driving demands for renewable’s.’

An advanced control system means that Solar and Wind are more resilient and reliable than ever. Providing increased frequency, voltage and ramping. The continued introduction of renewables as the predominant energy source will add continual flexibility and stabalisation to SA’s power grid.

‘South Australia, along with China, has the lowest subsidised, levelised cost of energy for concentrating solar power,’ said Mr Rath, Deloitte’s National Leader in Energy and Resources.

Past obstacles preventing an increase in utilising renewable energies, such as high costs and automation are receding at a fast rate. This is due to renewable energy gaining popularity among consumers and businesses. Within Deloitte’s report, they note that over two thirds of Fortune 100 companies utilise renewable energy as their main power source and that the trend is growing rapidly.

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