Bamboo Bungalow

48 hour Bamboo Bungalow

An estimated 108 million Nigerians are classed as homeless, a shocking statistic that only now the Nigerian state of  Lagos has planned to address.

With such a huge number of the population lacking an average standard of living as well as little to no access to adequate hygiene facilities, the state has come up with a plan that they believe will allow them to construct homes quickly and safely. The 48 hour bamboo bungalow.

Having previously been trialled in the western coastal town of  Badagry, the bamboo bungalows have already received impressive feedback. Three companies have already been hired in order to carry out the huge task, one of which has already started on site carrying out a training program. This is to ensure not only correct procedures were adhered too, but also that there were enough workers to see the task through to completion.

The commission hopes that it will be able to work with local businesses, in order to obtain manufacturing materials such as tiles, bamboo as well as meters for water and electricity.

The time frame in which the houses are able to be constructed, 48 hours, will allow for a vast majority of houses to be built. The state’s commissioner believes approximately a 100 units a month would be achievable. Bamboo the main construction material is both versatile, cheap and abundant throughout Nigeria. Bamboo houses are not uncommon throughout Africa, which
has allowed locals to come to except the design and aesthetic of the bungalows design.

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A 48 hour Bamboo Bungalow constructed in the coastal town of Badagry

As more and more of Nigeria’s community are provided with safe housing, the overall economy of the country will begin to steadily rise. Housing can provide children and families with a safe space to congregate and play. The will help keep children off of the streets and potentially increasing their chance of attending schools on a regular basis, in turn increasing their chances of obtaining a higher paid job.