Children design their own nursery

Klab Architects

Klab Architects in Greece have used the unique idea of designing a children’s nursery by using the children’s imagination and preferred colour palette. The nursery is located in Glyfda, a southern suburb of Athens.

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Children playing outside the newly constructed nursery
nursery, children, construction, certification, design, architects
Open night at the newly constructed nursery

Their idea was to create and design the educational buildings that the children would be able to connect to on a deeper level and relate to the scale of it’s users.

The buildings were made off site and brought in once completed. The prefabricated modules were brought in by truck and are framed with wooden pergolas.

The children’s chosen style can be seen all throughout the design including both exterior and interior. The colour palette is bold and vibrant, using asymmetrical patterns to create a bright and inviting space for the children to feel safe, fun and imaginative. The large windows let in plenty of natural light, while the wooden flooring and furniture creates a welcoming and environmentally friendly environment for the children to learn.

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A view from inside one of the nursery classrooms
buildings, certification, colopurs, children,. design, architects
A view from inside the modular buildings

Benefits of projects such as these include the connection between the users and the designs as well as the low cost build of modules compared to that of other more expensive structures. The modules are designed so that all classrooms have three open sides and are positioned so that they are arranged around a central courtyard. This allows for a safer environment for the children to play. The benefit of using modular buildings allows for educational buildings to be constructed away from the school environment which can distract children from their work as well as creating a hazardous environment.

nursery, architects, children, construction ,certification
A bird’s eye view of newly constructed nursery


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