Green Building Adoption

The Green Index

Australia, among other countries is leading the way in green building adoption. A rise in green commercial buildings has led to 18.6% of office space in 10 markets within Australia, Canada and Europe now being certified as green. While Canada ranks firs on the green index, Melbourne and Sydney rank 3rd and 4th. Green office space within these two major cities has increased from less than 1% in 2006 to 46% and 28.8% respectively.

Examples of Australian buildings utilising green building adoption reaching a 5 Green Star Rating:

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Benefits of Green Star Buildings

Canberra Airport – 5 Green Star Rating

With a key focus on sustainability, Canberra’s airport utilises  two
tri-generation plants which allow the airport to produce and meets its electricity consumption needs. Water tanks within the airport are also being utilised to store and filter rain water. These tanks can store up to 650,000 litres which can help to provide an alternative supply of water during times of drought as well as lessening the need to build reservoirs damaging the surrounding ecosystem and land.

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Brindabella Business Park – Canberra Airport

New South Wing Flinders Medical Centre SA – 5 Green Star Rating Healthcare Facility

The New South Wing at Flinders Medical Centre is leading the way for green star healthcare facilities around the world. The building boasts a 268 Solar Panel system designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,100 tonnes a year as well as significantly reducing the hospital’s overall electricity expense. The building also has an extensive rain water and hot water system located on the hospital’s roof.

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New South Wing at Flinders Medical Centre SA